Gennine Inggs

"I started training in November 2015, as part of a 6-week corporate fitness program.  Trisha Poona was one of the fitness trainers at the time, and I joined her classes.   Trisha’s classes were fun, challenging and varied and kept me coming back for more.  I ended up staying with the gym after the program ended and worked out with Trisha for 15 months.  The results were incredible.  I have always been a reasonably active person, but have never achieved the level of fitness and body shaping results in such a short time than those that I received while working out with Trisha, especially at my age, 50.  Trisha helped me run my first 5-km’s without stopping for a breather, and to be fit enough to Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro which I did in September 2016 after training with her for 10 months.   I would recommend Trisha in a heartbeat, for her professional attitude, her friendly and positive attitude, and her passion for and knowledge of fitness, along with variety of exercises that she uses which means you never get bored with your program. Thank you so much Trisha."


"I was not a "gym fanatic," I hated the gym ... I hated exercise ... I needed to lose weight and look glamorous fast ....I was turning 40 in a few weeks ...and so I plucked up the courage and found my way to the gym- where I first met Trisha. She was training a class. When I had seen what she was doing in that class - I was ready to turn around and head home ... I thought I am definitely in the wrong place! Well since she convinced me to stay and try this out - I have never looked back. Trisha was warm and welcoming. She got her classes pumping with excitement and motivation, she took the time to tutor us on an individual basis. She paid attention to us. Our exercises and our posture and our wrong moves too. She called us by our names and made us feel so motivated and good about ourselves. The gym , the motivation , the exercises and losing weight for my milestone birthday was the BEST thing I ever did ....I now love exercise and will definitely not go back to any other lifestyle again. Thank you Trisha for being such  an awesome and amazing role model to us all ❤"

Prevershini Singh

"A true inspiration of dedication, passion and love for fitness is Trisha Poona.

This filtered down to me through my first encounter with Trisha as my trainer. She showed me that the life of health, fitness and exercise was not unattainable but rather sessions of fun and enjoyable experiences.

Trisha’s training was capable of me wanting to run away but I suppose comfortable enough that I stayed on to train with her.   Her constant effort of encouragement   led me to actually work harder and attain my fitness goals.

Thank You Trisha Poona for the positivity that you exude and for training me into feeling good about myself."

Jerusha Naidoo

"A few years ago I was your typical working mom with very young children and I was unhappy with the fact that I was unfit and just had an overall unhealthy lifestyle. As my infants became toddlers and I was able to shift some level of focus back onto myself and my appearance, I began training.

This is where I grew to know Trisha and became inspired by her fitness lifestyle. Later that year I joined the 12 week challenge and trained under Trisha. Her personal input pushed me to levels I didn't think I was capable of reaching and week on week I was able to achieve more. 

I began to see my body transform and my overall well being shifted after the guidance I received on adopting a healthier eating plan to compliment my fitness training. I went on to lose a considerable amount of weight and to win the challenge with my new physique. 

Maintaining it has not been difficult since it really has become my lifestyle rather than something I need to consciously put effort into. It's a journey of discovery and one that every person should have the opportunity of experiencing. Thanks Trisha for being the inspiration that you are to me."

Pam Pillay

"I was introduced to Trisha Poona, when I joined a fit camp, the aim was to lose weight, and develop a healthier lifestyle. Being 42, I made the conscious decision to start taking care of myself. I knew this would be a difficult, long journey for me, as I hadn’t done any form of exercise for over 10 years. 

I trained with Trisha for a 3 month period. For the first 2 weeks I dreaded going to her classes and couldn’t decide if this was for me. I complained constantly that I couldn’t do the exercises. She encouraged me to increase my reps gradually and 4 weeks into the training, I was doing the routine as good as the members that were there longer than me. I trained with Trisha 3 times a week, as part of a group session, and really enjoyed the variety & challenge she put into the sessions. She helped me achieve my goals and made every session challenging and somehow fun. My fitness had increased noticeably and I started seeing improvements in my ability to complete more sit ups/core exercises, lift progressively heavier weights & generally push myself harder throughout each session. I started to look forward to my workouts.  Combined with the correct eating plan, and my sessions with Trish, I was amazed, that 4 weeks into the challenge, I started noticing my body change. When I started training with Trish, I weighed 54kgs, and I aimed to go down to at least 50.

12 weeks of training with Trish, and I was down to 46kgs. I felt amazing, being a small frame, it was the perfect weight combined with being healthier than I have been in years. Not bad for a 42 old.

She is extremely reliable & punctual – always set up & ready to start training ahead of time, with an exercise routine planned. Does she work you hard? Oh Yes, but she eases you into your routine. And she will work out with you. If motivation, flexibility, and a personal approach is what you are looking for in a Trainer, then Trisha is the person for you! Someone I can highly recommend.

Although it may not have seemed like it while I was training, but I thoroughly enjoy my sessions each week and Trisha was so easy to get along with. She was very helpful, extremely accommodating and lets not forget encouraging and motivating, but the best part of all is that she genuinely cared.

If you are looking for a trainer, to assist you to achieve, weight loss, increase your fitness levels, and generally help you feel better about yourself, then I highly recommend Trisha Poona."