Tea Time with Trisha

It was a sunny Monday afternoon, Kids come racing through the door, followed by wonder woman herself, Trisha Poona. We enter the kitchen, which is filled with the aromas of spices, smiles & giggles as we sit to begin “tea time”.

Trisha can be defined by the roles of daughter, sister, wife, mother, an ambassador of South Africa, Mrs South Africa & Universe Finalist, socialite, fitness trainer and now business women… Let’s be honest that would just be stating her titles.

You see the great joy she gets from interacting with people, people from all walks of life. Her love for playing sports, dancing and dressing up can be seen as they are passed on to her son, Ruan & daughter, Ziva.This is why I love this ‘job’ that I am now pursuing. Daily, I live my roles, passions and life experiences. With the core essence to help enrich the lives of others,” she says as her face fills with joy.  “Like many other women, I have always had these qualities within me. I just needed time and circumstances to help me reach more full potential.” She goes on to explain.

So how, a Mom with kids (aged 5 and 4 years old when entering Mrs SA) goes on to pursue this incredible journey & still make time for it all, you ask?  After choosing to leave her corporate job with hubby’s encouragement to be a stay at home mom, she had become completely focused on rearing her children and looking after the beautiful home. “I forgot me and all the things that made me happy.” She says, as she fills with hope;

“Entering Mrs SA was God’s plan for me! One minute a mom at school was telling me I should enter and the next I knew I had made the Top 100 and there began my adventure of self-discovery. Before entering Mrs SA I was at my lowest point in life and after partaking in this pageant I not only discovered my own worth but also my calling in life.”  

Time was starting to run short, “Mommy” had homework to do, a photographer who just arrived & not to mention the tea was getting cold!

Why the name “Flourish” & what do you aim to achieve?

I chose the word “Flourish’ because it means to; grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly congenial environment. I want to provide a way to help women flourish! The synonyms is to; grow, thrive, prosper, develop…all such positive words which I love. Working with women, especially young women gives me purpose and joy. I watch these introverted, self-conscious, ‘every day’ women blossom into confident happy women, often with a new lease on life too. I want to give women the skills and hope to deal with anything that life throws at them and rise above it as I continue to do every day.
Inside every woman, is a girl with a dream. Like Trisha, you too may just need a little reminder & self-confidence to sparkle so bright the world can’t help but notice!

Until next time, Flourish from within!

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