It’s all in the technique

Now if your mind is as naughty as mine, then please take it out of the gutter for a moment. At this time I am referring to Exercise! ?

Exercise is hard word! There’s no doubt. So if you are going to spend one hour of your precious time in the day doing it, you might as well try and do it right and gain the maximum benefit. The other important reason to ensure you are doing it correct is to prevent injuries.

It is often the little details that make such a big difference in the outcome of your training. My suggestion before you hit the gym is to maybe sign up with a trainer for a few sessions and asked them to show you the correct form or look on You Tube for demonstrations.

I realize that it might appear that you are vain, but actually, looking in the mirror whilst you are training is beneficial. It is a constant reminder to keep yourself in position and to keep an eye on your form. And hell if you like what you see then that’s not a bad thing either. If you don’t, then that’s ok just keep persevering because you will get there!

Happy training!

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