Going big or going home..either way, I’ve won!

And the time has come, it is the moment of ‘truth’, am I going to make the next round and head straight to the finals… It shall all be revealed tomorrow …

But what a journey it’s been and how I’ve grown from the moment I got off that plane from the Semi finals conference at Emperors Palace one and a half months ago. I’m sure you remember from my first blog how exasperated and perplexed I was about what was expected off me. It took me over a week to wrap my head around the daunghtingly enormous task that lay ahead of me. And the fact that I didn’t have the know how or knowledge to go about what was expected of me. After all, I only ever used my iPad to google, respond to emails and occasionally shop online (much to my husbands distress). I had to learn and use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and link them together and create a public page. I had to create my ‘own brand’ and find sponsors to believe in me. Come on, it’s hard to get your husband to part with money and you sleep next to him every night but now to get a stranger to believe in you and part with money is not a task for the feint-hearted… Where to begin…

Well with the help of some very special people, I began to grapple social media…slow at first but I eventually gained momentum. Then to ‘create a brand’. Well my job and passion in life, which only took me 35 years to realize, is to see people reach their full potential and becoming the best versions of themselves. So staying true to who I am, which is what I stand for, I decided to reflect on my life experiences both good and bad. I truly believe that it is these experiences that defines us as human beings however it is our mindset that creates whether those experiences will make us stronger individuals or the contrary. I chose to believe in the former and so that is the message I wanted to impart to young girls and women out there who have had similar experiences to me. The acne, the awkwardness, the wanting to ‘fit in’, the hating my parents, the ‘I don’t know’ phase, the need for male attention and approval, the marriage, and then the children phase. Being a Mrs South Africa Semi-finalist empowered me and reminded me of the strength I had had over the years to overcome these phases and that what is what I wanted to share.

I want to give to women what Mrs South Africa gave back to me and that is self worth, self confidence and a hunger to do more with my life. I went into Effingham Secondary School and reminded those amazing girls that they are the makers of their destiny. That they only have one life and they should make the most of it. Dream big, work hard and achieve it, despite the many setbacks that will challenge you. And to moms out there like me, I only hope that this blog will remind you of that too.

If you were following me on social media, you would have seen that I, as I said with the help of some incredibly selfless people, managed to do all that was required of me. And because of my silver sponsors, Triple S Fitcamp La Lucia and Quattro Financial Group, I was able to sit on the inbound plane to Emperors Palace, Jhb, for my next round of judging.

Whether I make it through or not, I will still continue with my finishing school at Effingham Secondary and I will still continue to write my blogs which I’ve grown to love. Married women out there are all Mrs South Africa’s because everyday whether we are tired or not we still carry out our duties tirelessly and whether we feel it or not, with a smile on our face for our husbands, children, colleagues, friends and family.

A quote I found which resonates with me, “Life has knocked me down a few times, it showed me things I never wanted to see. I experienced sadness and failure. But one thing for sure, I always get up”.

This competition has got me up people and given me a new lease on life…so guys watch this space…

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