Mom, wife is there more to life

On finding out that I was pregnant, I chose to become a stay at home mom. As a qualified Montessori teacher, the importance of the early years was inculcated into me. But nothing prepares you for your own child and the depth of responsibility that comes with. In my case, having two children 18 months apart. For 5 years I totally lost my identity trying to be the best mother and wife I could be and doing what was expected of me. After all, it was my job and my job only.

It was on a schools ‘mom’s night out’, that Angela, one of the moms says to me, “Trish, you should enter Mrs South Africa, you can win it”! I spent that entire weekend thinking should I or shouldn’t I. It’s a dream of mine but what about Vish and the kids, could I leave them to do what I want, is there time… With Vishal’s, my supportive husbands encouragement I applied on the night before the closing date! And then came the butterflies, the realization that I could be apart of something so exciting and amazing. The wait was agonizing!

“CONGRATULATIONS! You have been selected as one of our Top 100 Semi-Finalists for the Schwarzkopf Professional Mrs South Africa 2016″. After 5 days of making this decision to enter, I never realized the impact that this sentence was going to have on my life as I knew it.

A whirlwind trip to the Majestic Emperors Palace revealed to me what is expected from a Mrs South Africa semi finalist. Sitting on the plane to Johannesburg, I thought to myself, ok if I can look it I can be it. I constantly kept my posture in check and I walked onto the plane like I was Kim Kardashian minus the bootylicious bum. (I know, what is Kim Kardashian without the bootylicious bum, Trisha!) I thought I had this down until the penny dropped! As I sat listening to these amazing accomplished women sharing their achievements and success stories I literally felt like a balloon deflating. “We are not looking for a beauty queen, we are looking for a strong woman, who is able inspire those around her. She must create a brand for herself and social media must be her playground”. As a mom of two beautiful children aged 3.5 and 5, the only playground I frequented was the one at the nearest park! Being a full time mom, with a husband who requires five meals a day because he is on a fitness challenge and having my own fitness classes to run and eating plan to follow, plus trying to start my own business, who has time for a social life let alone social media…

As you can imagine the outbound Trisha that boarded the flight back home wasn’t quite the same as the inbound Trisha. The heels, (yes those same heels that I hadn’t worn in 5 years unless I was going for a sit down dinner or a killer night of dancing), and the walk was there but that’s about it. The excitement was replaced by trepidation of the unknown and the gravitas of the challenges that now lay ahead of me. What is to become of this ‘mama’ and the comfort zone I was in…find out in my next blog!

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