Life is what we make of it

In my early twenties, I was independent, adventurous, determined, resourceful and had a zest for life. I travelled and explored many countries and the experiences I had, both good and bad, made me a strong confident woman. It was this woman that my husband fell in love with. Every morning before I would leave for work, and I mean every morning whether I liked it or not, my husband would insist he take a photo of me. It was a ritual as I left the house.

That ritual was replaced by another the moment baby came. The ritual then was, every morning I would be in my pyjamas as my husband left for work and when he would return I would be in pyjamas ready for bed…for the record, a different set! I wasn’t that bad! As the babies grew, I’d mix it up a bit and wear some gym clothes instead (woohoo!).

Our exciting conversations about our day at the office, the people we met, the deal we closed, the problems we solved, turned into…I am so tired, this baby just won’t sleep, I only got to shower at 1 in the afternoon, here take him, his all yours. For 5 years my life revolved around my two children and when I had time, my husband. My needs and who I used to be, became an all too distant memory. And as you can imagine this took its toll on my marriage. To me, it looked like my husband was having a grand of a time, like life hadn’t even changed for him. And all I wanted, was to go to the bathroom on my own and eat a meal without standing or having someone sit on my lap as I try to use a knife and fork! I had made no effort with friends and family. I had become a recluse who lived in her own bubble only making appearances for birthdays and special occasions.

It was less than a year ago when I came to the realization that my misery was my doing. I needed to let go and trust my husband to be responsible for the kids. And that’s what I did. The first 3 times that I made an effort to go out on a girls night I was called back to a screaming child at 10:30 but eventually the kids adapted and life as we knew it in the Poona household began to slowly change and become a happier place. I started exercising again and then got the opportunity to do what I am passionate about, training others. My body started to change, I started making my own friends and I grew in confidence. But, I was still in my comfort zone.

I don’t know about you moms but being in a comfort zone meant for me, that I only talked about all the things I would love to do and accomplish. I talked and I talked (so much so, that I could honestly see my husband switching off as soon as I opened my mouth). Vishal was taken aback when I actually followed through and applied for Mrs South Africa. As was I! The Trisha of the past has been resurrected. In the words of Eminem, “Guess who’s back, back again, Trisha’s back, tell friend…”

Look out for my next blog where I shall share what this last couple of weeks have been like since starting this Mrs South Africa journey…ciao for now xoxo

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